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GCAM Press Articles
These are the articles that we are aware of the are available online that have been published in various publications about GCAM. If you know of any others (or any of these links fail to work), please contact the webmaster with the link.

OutSmart Magazine July 2021 Marcus Pontello documents the rich history of Numbers Nightclub

Houston Culture Map, May 25, 2011 Anvil owner's buy Mary's property, but Bobby Heugel vows to save site of historic bar

OutSmart Magazine, May 2011 It's A Hail Mary

OutSmart Magazine, March 2009 Voting Continues for Pride Parade Grand Marshals - including GCAM

OutSmart Magazine, December 2008 GCAM Chooses New Logo

OutSmart Magazine, August 2007 A Closet We Can ALl Live With - about the Eartha Quake - Tony Wadford - Queen Kong Perpetual Closet for Desperate Drag Queens.

Houston Voice, July 28, 2007 The sequins, photos and books of Houstonís gay past

Houston Voice, August 19, 2006 GCAM's Montly History Series features Vanessa Edwards Foster

Houston Voice, July 1, 2005 A Preserved Past Means Fewer Steps in the Future - Jimmy Carper and Judy Reeves are passionate about preserving the history of gay Houston

Houston Chronicle, June 30, 2005 Jaded and Loving It

Houston Chronicle, June 21, 2005 Jaded and Loving It - about Jade Esteban Estrada and the fundraiser for GCAM.

Gaire, June 11, 2005 Our listing in their guide.

Outsmart, June 2005 Finding Jade

Houston Voice, May 13, 2005 GCAM to Close Temporarily in a Money Saving Measure

OutSmart, May, 2005 GCAM Makes Historic Move detailing plans to focus on preserving the history of the community.

UPI Science Report, August 24, 2004 Houston's Gay Museum Seeks New Space

Houston Holocaust Museum, June 2004 Annoucment of Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945 Exhibit

Outsmart, November 2003 To Life - World AIDS Day

Houston Independent Media Center, June 6, 2003 Gulf Coast Archive Museum's Pride Parade Entry - Under Construction (Part 2)

Houston Voice, January 10, 2003 Press release on Fruit Cocktail fundraiser for GCAM. (apparently no longer online)

Texas Triangle, December ??, 2002 Article on seniors in the community, including our own Jim Carper. (apparently no longer online)

Texas Triangle, December ??, 2002 Article about the planned end of HAN-NET and the role of GCAM as the holder of its archives. (apparently no longer online)

Houston Voice, November 22, 2002 Press release regarding the Houston Community Center with reference to the Tree of Remembrance with quotes from Judy Reeves. (apparently no longer online)

Texas Triangle, November ??, 2002 Press release about the SLAGH fundraiser. Also see Houston Voice, November 8, 2002 (no longer online)

Outsmart November 2002 Two Organizations Partner in History Series

Texas Triangle, August ??, 2002 An article about Live 2002 including an interview with Don Gill. See also Houston Voice, July 19, 2002 (no longer online)

Outsmart, August 2002, regarding the Houston's First Decade, put on by SLAGG as a fundraiser for GCAM and others, and the performance at Theatre Suburbia done as a benefit for GCAM and Pride.

Houston Voice, July 26, 2002 Press release about Live 2002. (apparently no longer online)

Houston Chronicle, June 30, 2002 Article by Clifford Pugh about the museum.

Texas Triangle, June ??, 2002 Pride week calendar including the SLAGH fundraiser for GCAM and the Theatre Suburbia "Comfort and Joy" fundraiser for GCAM. (apparently no longer online)

Texas Triangle, May ??, 2002 Article about the closing of the Names Project chapters in Texas and the donation of the Houston chapter archives to GCAM, including quotes from Judy Reeves. (apparently no longer online)

Texas Triangle, February 8, 2002 Article about Pride Week Grand Marshall nominations (including GCAM's nomination as Organizational Grand Marshall, which includes interviews with Jim Carper and Judy Reeves. (apparently no longer online)

Texas Triangle, December 27, 2001 End of year recap including the flooding of GCAM archives at both the Capitol and W. Main locations. (apparently no longer online)

OutSmart, December 2001Ten Ways You Can Share Your Wealth, including GCAM as one of the ten organizations and quotes from Judy Reeves.

Texas Triangle, June 21, 2001 An article about the grand opening of the 1609 West Main location and the "Onstage" exhibit. (apparently no longer online)

OutSmart, June 2001 Press release about the Time Capsule event during Pride Week.

Out & About An article about archives around the country - includes information about GCAM.

Texas Triangle, early 2001 An article about the goals of the Houston community as set by HAN-NET - with finding permanent space for GCAM among then. (apparently no longer online)

OutSmart, January 2001 Article about Dalton DeHart and his photography with a mention that he will leave his legacy to GCAM. Includes pictures from the year 2000, including the picture of the GCAM Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting from June.

Texas Triangle, October ??, 2001 An article about EMPOWER 2000, including a paragraph about the GCAM exhibit. (apparently no longer online)

Houston Press, August 8, 2000 General article about GCAM, including an interview with Judy Reeves, and pictures of one of the Mother Brooks dresses, a Silence = Death t-shirt, and several buttons.

Texas Triangle, June ??, 2000 Listing of Houston's Pride events, including the GCAM Preview Gala fundraiser. (apparently no longer online)

OutSmart, June 2000 General article about the grand opening of the 2507 Capitol location.

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